• Virtual Expert: AI Decision Support Software for Stroke MRI

Fast and Accurate Lesion Volume Assessment and Identification Software for Stroke on MRI

Cercare Medical Virtual Expert solution offers AI based decision support software for stroke MRI. Fast and automated assessment of brain lesion volumes and location.

Virtual Expert: AI MRI Software for Stroke

Patients who experience a stroke need rapid treatment to halt further damage to the brain tissue. A fast and accurate evaluation of lesion location and volume help is imperative to helping determine the right timeline and treatment for stroke patients.

Normally, this process is highly time-consuming and requires extensive experience with acute ischemic stroke or support from an expert neuroradiologist.

Cercare Medical’s Virtual Expert is an AI-based solution trained on thousands of patient case studies and outcomes. It accurately detects an automatic mismatch for volumetric estimation of salvageable brain tissue in stroke MRI, to assist healthcare professionals in providing better and faster patient care.



Cercare Medical AI Software for Stroke MRI

Reducing time to treatment  

Virtual Expert offers a fast and automated technique that can help:

  • Save valuable time in acute stroke management
  • Accelerate time to treatment, thereby reducing brain damage
  • Facilitate treatment of stroke patients outside the current treatment window (“tissue-clock” rather than a “time-clock”)
  • Reduce routine manual volume estimation work
  • Double-check professional assessment to gain confidence in treatment decision
ai decision support software for stroke mri

Extending hospital operations hours

Virtual Expert, our AI decision support solution, expands the ability of healthcare providers to detect and treat stroke, by:

  • Enabling hospitals and clinics with limited stroke expert resources to offer state-of-the-art therapy
  • Making it possible for dedicated stroke centers to extend operational hours to times when stroke specialists are unavailable
  • Assisting physicians in training

Technology & Research

The key technologies were developed by researches from Aarhus University, Denmark during the 2006 – 2009 IKnow study, headed by Professor Leif Østergaard. Funding was provided by the 6th European Union Framework Program. The technologies have been continuously refined since then through research and testing in other clinical studies.

Cercare Medical’s technology results agree with expert consensus. Patients were scanned in five different countries, at different field strengths and with different MRI scanners, testifying to the algorithm’s robustness for general usage.

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