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    Cercare Stroke CT

    The only stroke CT perfusion imaging solution that incorporates data on capillary function and integrity to provide high-quality AI-driven brain stroke lesions identification and quantification.

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Beat the clock with AI-powered stroke CT perfusion analysis software

CERCARE Stroke CT quickly provides AI-driven, easy-to-read stroke lesion CT perfusion maps for fast and reliable stroke assessment.

cercare stroke ct dashboard
  • Zero-click postprocessing

  • AI-powered lesion identification

  • Automated lesion quantification

Multi-Vendor Compatibility

Compatible with all major scanner manufacturers.

Easy Implementation

Multiple installation and integration possibilities.

Full Automation

Zero-click technology powered by AI.

Enable Easier Assessment of Treatment Eligibility in Stroke CT

Unique technology incorporates inputs from both traditional perfusion maps (CBF, CBV, MTT) and additional maps of oxygen extraction and metabolism (CTH, OEF, CMRO2) providing a reliable overview of brain tissue status in stroke.

Full automation helps to save valuable time in stroke enabling faster clinical decisions and better patient outcomes.

cercare stroke ct perfusion imaging

Proven Technology

Our stroke imaging technology is based on years of research in perfusion imaging and artificial intelligence within Aarhus University, Denmark, led by Professor Kim Mouridsen and Professor Leif Østergaard.

Help your team beat the clock

  • Fully automated identification of core and hypoperfusion lesions

  • Stroke lesions quantification

  • AI-driven analysis based on previous stroke cases

  • Easy-to-interpret maps of unparalleled quality

  • Works with any CT scanner

  • Integrates with all major PACS

  • Clear overlay of obtained maps with anatomical data

  • Motion correction

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*CERCARE Stroke consists of Cercare Medical Neurosuite and two modules – Capillary Function and Virtual Expert. Cercare Medical Neurosuite, Capillary Funciton and Virtual Expert are CE-approved according to the European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC, and developed/manufactured by: Cercare Medical ApS registered at Inge Lehmanns Gade 10, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark.

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