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JFR 2023 - Paris

October 2023
Dr Charlotte Robert 🇫🇷

U1030 – Molecular Radiotherapy and Therapeutic Innovations
University Lecturer in Medical Physics
Researcher at the Gustave Roussy Cancer Institute - Paris

Charlotte Robert, a lecturer at the University of Paris Saclay, discusses the Cercare Perfusion software from the AIdream project, designed to enhance radiotherapy for glioblastoma. This collaboration with General Electric and Gustave Roussy uses AI to improve diagnostics and treatment for brain tumors. Focusing on a cohort of 1000 patients, the software identifies aggressive tumor areas before radiotherapy, promising a transformative impact on treatment approaches."

#Oncology #AI #Radiotherapy

October 2023

Dr Nadya Pyatigorskaya 🇫🇷

PHD, MCU Department of Diagnostic and Functional Neuroradiology, Pitié-Salpêtrière Sorbonne Universities

Nadya Pyatigorskaya discusses the complexities in brain tumor imaging, particularly differentiating between tumor types and treatment effects using Cercare Medical's software. She highlights the limitations of current MRI and PET scans in precise diagnosis and treatment planning. The presentation showcases case studies illustrating the challenges and advancements in neuro-oncological imaging. Pyatigorskaya emphasizes the importance of rapid, accurate diagnostic methods and the potential of new imaging markers for personalized treatment strategies

#BrainTumorImaging #MedicalImagingInnovation #NeuroOncologyAdvancements

Neurorad 2023 - Kassel

October 2023

Prof. Ritta Parkkolla 🇫🇮

Head of Neuroradiology - Turku University Hospital
In her presentation, Parkkola also mentions the specific software used in perfusion imaging - Cercare Medical. This software is crucial in analyzing and interpreting the imaging data, aiding in the accurate diagnosis and effective treatment planning for glioma patients. She emphasizes its utility in providing detailed insights that are essential for making informed medical decisions.

#Oncology #CercareMedicalTechnology #PerfusionImagingExpertise #GliomaDiagnosisInnovation

October 2023

Dr Maximilian Thormann 🇩🇪

Magdeburg Hospital

Dr. Thormann highlighted the significance of accurate CT perfusion analysis in the treatment decision-making process for stroke patients and concluded that Cercare Medical offered superior performance in their assessments.

#Stroke #Accurary #Comparaison

Cercare Medical Patents

Method for calculating perfusion indicies

Method for computer-assisted delineation of tissue lesion

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Method for predicting tissue outcome

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