• Detailed Brain Imaging with Capillary Function Analysis

Easy-to-Read Brain MRI and CT Scan Perfusion Imaging

CERCARE Perfusion provides comprehensive images of vascular physiology from perfusion imaging in MRI and CT scans for an in-depth look into a wide range of neurological diseases.

The traditional method of assessing oxygen delivery to the brain – measurement of cerebral blood flow (CBF) – does not give an accurate picture of tissue oxygentation.

CERCARE Perfusion immediately provides detailed color maps of the brain microvessel integrity and function, and brain tissue oxygentation. By accounting for heterogeneity of transit times for each individual tissue voxel, CERCARE Perfusion brings oxygen extraction mapping to a new level.





Robust against image noise

Robust against shortened scan durations

Includes leakage correction


  • Gives better lesion visibility within shorter period of time
  • Eliminates manual post-processing steps that can lead to variation and (human) mistakes
  • Reduces the amount of experience needed by the operator for the post-processing task
  • Provides a logical and clear display/overlay of obtained maps with anatomical data
Cercare Medical Capillary Function Solution for Imaging Analysis of Brain Disease


Changes in brain tissue blood supply and distribution underlies numerous major diseases like:

  • acute stroke
  • dementia
  • diabetes and
  • tumors

Helping Hospitals Improve Radiology Department Efficiency and Accuracy

The dramatic increase in speed and precision analysis is highly relevant for both acute and chronic diseases. In acute ischemic strokes, for example, therapy must be initiated quickly to reduce and prevent further brain damage. In chronic diseases, it’s easy to miss subtle early signs and continued disease progression. Using Cercare Medical Neurosuite can also lead to significant costs savings and further improve patients’ personalised treatment and care.

This novel approach to radiology imaging analysis can significantly contribute to:

  • accuracy improvement when analyzing brain MRI and CT scans
  • standardizing reads of complex MRI and CT data sets
  • significantly increasing workflow efficiency

The speed and reliability of Cercare Medical’s unique technology allows for user-independent post-processing of complicated MRI and CT data. It makes both traditional diagnostic data as well as novel Cercare Medical-specific diagnostic imaging biomarkers available to a large group of imaging professionals, regardless of their level of expertise.

Our goal is to solve the problem of giving an accurate assessment of oxygen delivery to the brain. Cercare Medical designed software to account heterogeneity of transit times for each individual tissue voxel, which brings oxygen extraction mapping to a new level.

The more elaborate description of the vascular bed allows in-depth characterization of tissue perfusion like, for example, identification of acute ischemic stroke perfusion deficits which can be missed by traditional technologies.

The availability of markers interpretable as limits for oxygen metabolism, enables a more complete, and potentially accurate, evaluation of a patients hemodynamic status.

Research & Technology

Cercare Medical technology is based on decades of research by Aarhus University researchers on optimal methods for assessing microvascular flow patterns. These are based on routine clinical MRI and CT bolus tracking scans, which allow efficient assessment of cerebral perfusion, microvascular function and tissue oxygen extraction.

The essential difference between Cercare Medical technology and other vendors is that most vendors calculate blood flow and (capillary) transit times based on purely mathematical methods, lacking physiological constraints. Cercare Medical uses a model which incorporates such constraints, leading to more reliable and higher quality imaging biomarker maps – for both the traditional and Cercare Medical-specific markers.

Technical characteristics:

  • DICOM receiving/sending via standard protocol
  • Simple configuration of the software as a DICOM node
  • Simple integration into existing pipelines through flexible command line API
  • Automated processing upon image loading
  • Intuitive user interface

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