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Cercare Medical @ASNR

When: 29 April to 3 May 2023

Where: Chicago, US

Join us at ASNR and experience the unique insights into brain tissue oxygenation with Cercare. Join our Strategic Alliances Director Maarten van der Zee, Application Specialist Aurelia Hermoso and CCO Henrik Andersen for an informative talk at booth 208 at ASNR!

400 speakers, 80 sessions and 600 abstracts. The theme of this year's American Society of Neuroradiology is "Transforming the Future of Neuroradiology". The American Society of Neuroradiology (ASNR) is a professional membership society comprised of almost 6,000 physicians specializing in the field of neuroradiology.

We believe that our AI-powered Perfusion Imaging technology offers a deeper insight into patient care, is a part of the future and that every patient deserves access to the latest scientific and state-of-art technology. We challenge current standards, so you can make confident assessments. Every time.

Join us at booth 208 at ASNR for a talk and learn more about the solution for you! Book a meeting if not already done!