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Meet us @Billeddiagnostisk Årsmøde 2024

Cercare Medical to Illuminate Billeddiagnostisk Årsmøde 2024 with Innovative Imaging Solutions

Event Highlights:

✨ Meet Our team at Hotel Scanic Scandic Opus, Egebjergvej 1, 8700 Horsens

Cercare Medical is thrilled to announce our distinguished participation in the Billeddiagnostisk Årsmøde 2024, an esteemed forum for cutting-edge advancements in diagnostic imaging and medical technology. This pivotal event brings together experts and innovators from across the globe, and we are excited to contribute our expertise and revolutionary solutions to this vibrant professional community.

Leading our delegation are André Søndergaard, our esteemed Nordic Sales Director, and Petteri Hakanen, our Clinical Application Specialist. With their deep industry knowledge and technical expertise, they embody our commitment to enhancing diagnostic precision and patient care through innovative imaging solutions.

At the Billeddiagnostisk Årsmøde 2024, Cercare Medical will showcase our state-of-the-art Cercare Medical Neurosuite – CMN. This advanced, vendor-neutral software revolutionizes the analysis of brain imaging data, offering comprehensive assessments of neurological diseases. Our unique patented algorithms, including the Vascular Model, provide unparalleled insights into vascular pathology, empowering medical professionals to deliver more accurate diagnoses and effective treatments for conditions such as tumors, dementia, and stroke.

André Søndergaard and Petteri Hakanen will be available to discuss the transformative impact of our technology, share insights from our extensive research, and explore opportunities for collaboration. We invite all attendees to engage with us, experience our innovative solutions firsthand, and discover how Cercare Medical is setting new standards in medical imaging.

Join us at the Billeddiagnostisk Årsmøde 2024 as we explore the future of healthcare and demonstrate how our advanced imaging solutions can lead to better patient outcomes and more efficient healthcare delivery.

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