Cercare Medical’s CERCARE Stroke and CERCARE Perfusion will be soon available to UK healthcare professionals on AI Connect Marketplace to help improve decision-making in the assessment of a wide range of neurological disorders including acute ischemic stroke.

Aarhus, Denmark (July 6, 2020) – Cercare Medical proudly announces entering a partnership with Wellbeing Software, a key Radiology Information System (RIS) provider in the UK to offer AI-driven imaging solutions CERCARE Stroke and CERCARE Perfusion for CT and MRI on Wellbeing’s AI Connect Marketplace.

CERCARE Stroke is an AI-powered imaging analysis software which helps to ensure timely treatment of acute stroke. Stroke is a leading cause of mortality and long-term disability, affecting millions of people annually. 85,000 people are admitted to hospital after suffering a stroke in England each year, and around one-third of stroke cases result in death.

Analysing and treating acute ischaemic stroke is time-consuming and best done by a stroke specialist. In the emergency setting, physicians must consider imaging, clinical presentation, and electronic health record data when evaluating potential acute ischaemic stroke and considering thrombolytic therapy. The decision largely rests on the expert radiologist to assess stroke imaging to make it possible to predict the potential outcome of different treatments for each patient, which is difficult given the heterogeneity of acute ischaemic stroke progression. CERCARE Stroke identifies and quantifies stroke lesions using an AI algorithm which is trained on previous stroke cases providing healthcare professionals fast decision support in an acute situation.

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CERCARE Stroke can quickly and automatically identify and quantify stroke lesions, taking steps towards enabling healthcare professionals not specialized in stroke assessment to provide faster, more effective direction and care,” said Cercare Medical Founder and Chief Science Officer, Mikkel Bo Hansen. “Employing AI-driven software is a way to provide clinicians with critical information at a time when every minute matters.”

Clinicians in the UK will have access to CERCARE Perfusion, that is already available as a stand-alone solution and on syngo.via OpenApps, via Wellbeing’s AI Connect Marketplace as well. With radiology departments struggling to meet the fast-growing demand for complex imaging, imaging solutions that can help streamline processes in radiology departments are of vital importance.

CERCARE Perfusion fully automates post-processing, which helps to improve workflows and standardise image outputs. CERCARE Perfusion also incorporates capillary function analysis and automatically provides both traditional as well as unique perfusion maps enabling fast and reliable brain pathology assessment for an in-depth look at a wide range of neurological disorders

“Through offering access to these unique biomarkers, CERCARE Perfusion gives a panoramic view of brain tissue viability with easy-to-interpret perfusion maps,” said Mikkel Bo Hansen.  “Partnering with Wellbeing and their AI Connect Marketplace gives overworked UK radiologists greater access to time- and life-saving tools which ultimately benefit patients. It’s a wonderful match between software and platform, thereby limiting the need for learning yet another system.”

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Cercare Medical is the latest AI vendor to join Wellbeing’s AI Connect Marketplace, which allows hospitals to embed their chosen algorithms into their radiology workflow.

Chris Yeowart, Director at Wellbeing said: “Wellbeing’s expertise allows the rapid and seamless adoption of AI across NHS trusts. Our listed partners offer a great opportunity for NHS organisations looking to adopt AI in their radiology workflows and we look forward to facilitating introductions over the coming months.”

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About Cercare Medical

Cercare Medical is a spinout from Aarhus University Hospital and has been developing its AI-powered perfusion and stroke imaging analysis radiology solutions since 2013.

About Wellbeing Software

Wellbeing Software is a leading healthcare technology provider with a presence in more than 75% of NHS organisations. The company has combined its extensive UK resources and unparalleled experience in its specialist divisions – radiology, maternity, data management and electronic health records – to form Wellbeing Software, uniting their core businesses to enable customers to build on existing investments in IT as a way of delivering connected healthcare records and better patient care.




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