Kim Mouridsen at ISMRM workshop 2018

With a rapid development of AI applications in radiology it is not surprising that ISMRM has decided to devote one of its workshops specifically to machine learning for MRI applications, both from technical and diagnostic point of view.

The workshop will give an in depth look into machine learning algorithms, cover the latest methods used in deep convolutional neural networks and discuss possible clinical applications. It will be a mix of scientific presentations, discussions and a keynote lecture.

One of the presentations at ISMRM workshop will be done by our co-founder Kim Mouridsen. He will talk about using deep learning for ischemic stroke lesion segmentation and choosing optimal treatment. Kim Mouridsen will also discuss how advanced biomarkers tie into improving artificial intelligence.

Grab your chance to meet Kim Mouridsen in person on October 27th and ask him about latest achievements of machine learning in stroke.

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