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Capillary Dysfunction as a Common Disease Mechanism

Changes in blood supply and distribution underly many major diseases. However, the research has shown that brain tissue oxygenation has a direct correlation not only with changes in blood flow but with capillary function and integrity as well.

During this webinar, one of the leading experts in advanced perfusion imaging, Professor Kim Mouridsen, will take a unified look at capillary dysfunction in a range of neurological diseases such as acute stroke, oncology, dementia, diabetes, and how this mechanism can be visualized with routine imaging protocols.


Kim Beuschau Mouridsen, Founder and CEO at Cercare Medical, Professor at Aarhus University

Kim Mouridsen, PhD, MSc is a Professor at Aarhus University. He is the head of Neuroimaging Methods at the Center for Functionally Integrative Neuroscience (CFIN) and MINDLab. Professor Mouridsen has published over 40 papers in peer-reviewed journals including Nature Medicine and holds 6 patent applications.