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Cercare Medical Partners with Blackford

CERCARE Stroke and CERCARE Perfusion are among the latest additions to Blackford’s Curated Marketplace of medical imaging AI applications. Blackford’s platform approach enables simplified and accelerated implementation of multiple applications within healthcare institutions' existing workflow.

Aarhus, Denmark (December 3, 2020) – Cercare Medical proudly announces that Blackford is adding CERCARE Stroke and CERCARE Perfusion to its platform. The Blackford Platform streamlines the technology adoption process so that healthcare institutions can easily adopt and deploy multiple AI-imaging solutions.

Blackford’s single dedicated platform transforms the deployment, orchestration, management and support of multiple imaging applications. The Platform enables imaging and AI tools to deliver value with a single integration to customers' clinical environment and workflow allowing customers to manage a broad portfolio of applications and be responsive to future application demands.

“We are pleased to add CERCARE Stroke and CERCARE Perfusion to our portfolio of applications. Our platform is exclusively focused on helping healthcare providers identify and integrate medical imaging applications and AI that benefit their practice. Cercare Medical’s products represent an excellent complement to our existing portfolio of market-leading medical imaging applications and AI.”

CERCARE Stroke provides easy-to-read maps of suspected stroke lesion location and volumes to help assess strokes quickly and accurately. The AI-powered technology enables faster clinical decision-making which means faster stroke workflow and potentially better patient outcomes.

CERCARE Perfusion provides high-quality parametric maps based on innovative perfusion imaging technology. The solution is fully automated to help streamline radiology workflow and standardize image outputs. CERCARE Perfusion is currently used for research and decision support for diagnosis of a range of neurological diseases including acute ischemic stroke, dementia and brain tumors.

“We are thrilled to offer Blackford customers the ability to work with CERCARE Stroke and CERCARE Perfusion on the Blackford Platform,” said Mikkel Bo Hansen, founder and CSO, Cercare Medical. “Like Cercare Medical, Blackford was also spun out of university research and development. Both companies value scientific rigor and peer-reviewed, published results, in making imaging analysis available to the clinical communities.”

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About Cercare Medical

Cercare Medical delivers fast and reliable decision-support solutions for brain CT and MRI assessment. The technology is based on more than 20 years of research in AI and perfusion imaging. Cercare Medical aims to develop and provide solutions that help improve radiological workflow and increase diagnostic certainty. For more information visit

About Blackford

Blackford delivers a dedicated platform and service for the effective selection, deployment, orchestration and use of best-in-class medical imaging applications and AI. As the most mature and widely deployed dedicated platform provider in the industry, the company is exclusively focused on helping healthcare providers identify and integrate medical imaging applications and AI that benefit their practice. Founded in 2010, and with operations in the United Kingdom and the United States, Blackford Analysis is backed by TRI Cap, Old College Capital, and Archangel Investors. For more information visit