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Member of our scientific board since the beginning, Leif Østergaard is a real mentor for all our team.


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By Professor
Kim Mouridsen

Professor Kim Mouridsen shares his expertise on the advancements in perfusion imaging, highlighting how Cercare Medical's innovative technologies enhance the understanding of tissue health, improve assessments in stroke and oncology, and provide accurate physiological insights by leveraging high-resolution mapping and transparent vascular models. Learn how these developments are revolutionizing patient care and clinical workflows.
  • Biomarker: OEF
  • Biomarker CTH
  • PET comparative readings

Oxygen Ectraction Fraction

Join Professor Kim Mouridsen as he redefines our understanding of perfusion imaging. Traditionally, perfusion imaging was thought to provide insights solely into vascular properties like blood volume and flow. However, the true indicator of tissue health and pathology lies in its ability to extract and utilize oxygen for metabolism. At Cercare Medical, we demonstrate that this crucial information is embedded within the perfusion signal itself. This enables us to create high-resolution maps of oxygen extraction capacity and metabolism. With numerous publications in scientific journals, our customers are now discovering how these insights transform patient management in stroke and oncology. Watch to see how our perfusion technology can enhance your clinical workflow and improve patient outcomes.

Capillary Transit-Time Heterogeneity

In this insightful video, Professor Kim Mouridsen explores the evolving understanding of tissue health and its reliance on blood flow. Initially, it was believed that a sufficient supply of red blood cells ensured normal tissue function. However, studies reveal that oxygen extraction capacity and metabolism are significantly influenced by the distribution of red blood cells within the capillaries. Homogeneous blood flow enhances oxygenation, while uneven distribution can hinder it. Clinically, this means that two patients with similar blood flows might have different outcomes, with one experiencing ischemia. At Cercare Medical, we offer high-resolution maps of microvascular flow distributions, essential for assessing tumor growth, ischemic stroke patients, and neurodegenerative diseases. Watch to learn how our advanced perfusion technology can enhance your clinical workflow and improve patient outcomes.

PET comparative readings

In this video, Professor Kim Mouridsen shares his insights from over 20 years of experience in perfusion imaging. One challenge he highlights is the difficulty in assessing images due to various artifacts, leading to discrepancies between clinical symptoms and imaging findings. Traditional perfusion images often rely on black-box methods, lacking clear physiological relevance. At Cercare Medical, we adopt a transparent approach using a vascular model, ensuring perfusion acquisition accurately reflects local vascular properties. This enhances the correlation between imaging and clinical symptoms and allows us to infer tissue oxygenation and metabolism, typically assessed with PET. Now, similar insights can be achieved using MR or CT, potentially revolutionizing patient management in acute stroke and oncology. Watch to learn how our advanced perfusion technology can optimize your clinical workflow and improve patient outcomes.

From your Practice


Cercare Clinical Experience: Advanced Brain Perfusion Imaging at Magdeburg University Hospital

Witness the power of Cercare Medical's technology in diagnosing and treating complex cerebral conditions through a real-life patient case study.
  • Discover the detailed analysis of perfusion deficits, mismatch volumes, and hyperperfusion cores using our innovative imaging solutions.
  • Learn about the implications of these findings in clinical decision-making and patient outcomes.
  • Examine a challenging case of a 54-year-old male patient who presented with acute symptoms, exploring his diagnostic journey through non-contrast CT, CTA, and advanced perfusion maps
  • Invitation to experience Cercare Medical software in Magdeburg University Hospital with Dr. Thormann
Dive into the world of cutting-edge brain perfusion imaging with Professor Dr. Thormann at Magdeburg University Hospital in our latest video, "Cercare Clinical Experience."


IT Experince Cercare Medical

Join Stefan Klebingat, a scientific researcher at the University Hospital of Magdeburg, as he details the seamless integration of Cercare IT software into their neuroradiology department. This video, titled "Cercare IT Experience," explores the critical aspects of software implementation, focusing on functionality, data security, and system compatibility, ensuring a smooth transition to advanced imaging capabilities.

Stroke Imaging with Dr. Thormann

Step into the world of advanced medical imaging at Magdeburg University Hospital with Dr. Thormann. In this special presentation, "Cercare Stroke Experience," Dr. Thormann invites healthcare professionals to explore the capabilities of Cercare Medical’s perfusion imaging software through a detailed case study of a 54-year-old stroke patient.

Advanced Biomarkers in Tumor Imaging with Dr. Nadya Pyatigorskaya

Join Dr. Nadya Pyatigorskaya at JFR 2023 as she delves into the crucial role of advanced biomarkers in tumor imaging. This insightful presentation sheds light on how these biomarkers enhance diagnostic accuracy and guide precise treatment strategies in brain tumor management.


Østergaard et al., 2013


The Role of the Cerebral Capillaries
in Acute Ischemic Stroke:

The Extended Penumbra Model

Relevance of CTH and other markers in an acute ischemic stroke setting
Read the Publication
Anna Tietze ,Kim Mouridsen,Yasmin Lassen-Ramshad,Leif Østergaard
April 13, 2015


Microvascular Shunting and Flow Control

Perfusion MRI Derived Indices of Microvascular Shunting and Flow Control Correlate with Tumor Grade and Outcome in Patients with Cerebral Glioma

CTH improves tumor grading and outcome prediction in glioma patients compared
to CBV alone.
Read the Publication
Leif Østergaard leif@cfin.dk, Thorbjørn S Engedal, […], and Mads Rasmussen +14,
July 23, 2014

Traumatic Brain Injury

Flow-Metabolism Coupling

Capillary Transit Time Heterogeneity and Flow-Metabolism Coupling after Traumatic Brain Injury

Biomarkers: Focus on CTHReview article
Read the Publication

Pioneering Research in Advanced Medical Imaging

At Cercare Medical, our commitment to innovation and excellence is demonstrated through our extensive portfolio of peer-reviewed publications. These studies highlight the efficacy, reliability, and impact of our cutting-edge imaging technologies across a variety of clinical applications. Our research is at the forefront of transforming diagnostic and treatment capabilities, providing clinicians with the precise tools needed to enhance patient outcomes. Explore our key publications to understand the advancements and breakthroughs we are making in the field of medical imaging.


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