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Unique Perfusion Imaging (r)evolution. Discover our Complete Solution

Cercare Perfusion uniquely provides maps reflecting oxygen availability, in addition to blood flow and volume.

Our patented Biomarkers allow a more detailed assessment of tissue pathology and therefore optimized patient management for a variety of indications, such as Stroke, Oncology, Alzheimer, Dementia, Neoplasia, COVID-19…

Cercare Perfusion uses AI for the stroke lesion detection module, which segments the hypoperfusion and core regions of acute ischemic stroke.

CTH (Capillary Transit Heterogeneity), OEF ( Oxygen Extraction Fraction), and CMRO2 (Cerebral Rate Of O2): Inspect microvascular conditions to elaborate the final interpretation and match with clinical symptoms.

Change Nothing, Get More.Discover our Complete Solution

Gain time and High-level expertise in perfusion imaging for precise, fast, and reliable care without any change in your workflow.

From the field.

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Users of Cercare Perfusion.

“The perfusion derived maps help us to quantitatively assess lesion progression of adrenoleukodystrophy patients in an ongoing clinical trial. We envision that this work will enable more personalized and timely treatment options for our patients”

Patricia L. Musolino, MGH-Harvard Medical School

Assistant Professor of Neurology

“We are impressed with Cercare’s Perfusion software, due to its ease of use, reliability and speed, thanks to its fully automated post processing”

Tobias Granberg, Karolinska Institutet
Associate Professor


  • Reliable estimation of capillary transit time distributions using DSC-MRI
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  • Reliable estimation of microvascular flow patterns in patients with disrupted blood-brain barrier using dynamic susceptibility contrast MRI
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  • The roles of cerebral blood flow, capillary transit time heterogeneity, and oxygen tension in brain oxygenation and metabolism
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