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Fully-automated and multi-vendor compatible software solution for CT and MRI post-processing.

The Perfusion Expert

Cercare Medical is based on +25 years of research in perfusion imaging and artificial intelligence. Our novel biomarkers provide unparalleled patient insights.

Improved Workflow

Reduce sources of error and save time on every patient with our fully automated perfusion processing that integrates seamlessly into your existing system.

Main Applications

Detects early disease patterns

Acute Stroke
Imaging match clinical symptoms

Reveals microvascular changes

“We are impressed with Cercare’s Perfusion software, due to its ease of use, reliability and speed, thanks to its fully automated post processing”

Tobias Granberg, Karolinska Institutet
Associate Professor

Why our customers like Cercare

Full Automation

  • Easy to use. Easy to integrate
  • Modality and vendor agnostic
  • Standardisation = highly repeatable

Reliable Results

  • Imaging match the clinical symptoms
  • Earlier disease detection with novel biomarkers
  • Consistent results for longitudinal follow-ups
Cercare Perfusion

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Publications on imaging technologies and AI. It’s not just a job, it’s our passion
Perfusion parametric maps generated by our imaging solutions.


years of research and development to create easy-to-use and state-of-the-art imaging solutions
5 Minutes. This is how much it takes to deliver all perfusion maps to you, hands-free (hardware requirements specified in instructions for use)

Bridging science and practice

Since 2013, our global team of experts has used research to prove new ways for practitioners to act with speed, insight and confidence — no matter the circumstance.

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