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OEF increase
Have you ever heard about Oxygen Extraction Fraction (OEF)? It’s an important biomarker in Cercare Medical Neurosuite software that ensures high-quality perfusion maps.

In the world of advanced diagnostic imaging, the measurement of OEF is emerging as a critical indicator in diverse clinical settings, including stroke and oncology. This parameter isn’t just about numbers; it translates into potentially lifesaving insights for patients suffering from acute and complex conditions.Β 

Stroke Management

In cases of ischemic stroke, OEF helps us understand the efficiency of oxygen utilization in compromised brain regions. Studies have shown that during a stroke, the affected brain areas may have altered OEF due to restricted blood flow. By closely monitoring these changes, physicians can make more informed decisions about interventions like thrombolysis or mechanical thrombectomy, potentially improving patient outcomes.

Oncology Insights

In oncology, particularly in conditions like recurrent glioblastoma, understanding OEF is crucial for evaluating tumor microenvironments. Treatment with drugs like Bevacizumab, aimed at normalizing tumor blood vessels, impacts OEF measurements. Surprisingly, despite the normalization of these vessels, overall tumor oxygenation may worsen, highlighting the complex interplay between tumor biology and therapeutic interventions. This insight prompts a re-evaluation of treatment strategies, aiming for therapies that not only target tumor vessels but also improve the tumor oxygen profile.
πŸ©ΊπŸ’‘ Are you leveraging OEF in your clinical practice? How are you integrating these insights into your treatment plans? Get in contact with Cercare Medical to learn more about our high-quality perfusion maps based on a range of advanced biomarkers.
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