Cercare Medical to Showcase Advanced MRI Solutions at SIIM 2024

Join Randy Rhomer & Shannon Brickman at SIIM 2024
Event Details:
Dates: June 27-29, 2024
Location: Booth 212, SIIM Annual Meeting
Special Presentation:
Presenter: Shannon Brickman
CARPL Booth 602
Date and Time:
June 27th at 3:30 PM

Shannon Brickman and Randy Rohmer, will be on-site to discuss our innovative solutions designed to enhance clinical practices. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about our cutting-edge MRI products, including:

  • Cercare Medical Neurosuite: Our comprehensive solution for clinical MRI imaging analysis, supporting fully automated detection and processing. Neurosuite facilitates accurate and efficient analysis, aiding in improved patient outcomes.

Highlights of Our Participation

Our MRI solutions offer advanced capabilities for oncology, including:

  • Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI (DCE-MRI): Provides detailed insights into tumor vascularity and permeability, aiding in the assessment of tumor angiogenesis and treatment response.
  • Perfusion Imaging: Offers quantitative measurements of blood flow and volume within tumors, essential for evaluating tumor perfusion and hypoxia.
  • Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI): Allows for the assessment of tumor cellularity and the detection of microstructural changes in tissue.
  • Automated Reporting: Streamlines the workflow with automated detection and processing of MRI data, ensuring rapid and accurate reporting of oncology imaging results.

Advanced Biomarkers:

Cercare Medical’s MRI solutions also provide advanced biomarkers that support detailed and precise diagnosis and monitoring:

  • Relative Cerebral Blood Flow (rCBF): Measures blood flow within the brain, essential for assessing tumor perfusion.
  • Capillary Transit-Time Heterogeneity (CTH): Evaluates the variability in capillary transit times, indicating microvascular health.
  • Oxygen Extraction Fraction (OEF): Assesses the proportion of oxygen extracted from blood by tissues, providing insights into tissue metabolism.
  • Cerebral Metabolic Rate of Oxygen (CMRO2): Calculates the rate of oxygen consumption in the brain, crucial for understanding metabolic activity.
  • Relative Leakage (rLeakage): Identifies areas where the blood-brain barrier may be compromised, important for tumor assessment.

Benefits of Cercare Medical’s Solutions:

  • Improved Diagnostic Accuracy: Advanced imaging and biomarkers provide detailed insights, enhancing the accuracy of diagnoses.
  • Efficient Workflow: Fully automated processes reduce time and effort, allowing for faster patient care.
  • Personalized Patient Care: Quantitative imaging and biomarkers enable tailored treatment plans based on individual patient data.
  • Seamless Integration: Compatible with existing PACS and other hospital systems, ensuring smooth implementation.

We look forward to seeing you at SIIM 2024 and exploring the future of MRI technology together!

  • Join Randy Rhomer & Shannon Brickman at SIIM 2024
    Special Presentation: Shannon Brickman. on CARPL Booth 602

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