Cercare Medical is Partnering with Siemens Healthineers

Cercare Medical is partnering with Siemens Healthineers to launch state-of-the-art AI-based Decision Support and Perfusion Imaging on syngo.via OpenApps

Aarhus, Denmark (November 22, 2018) – Cercare Medical and Siemens Healthineers proudly announce their novel partnership to feature Cercare Medical Neurosuite on syngo.via platform. The partnership allows Siemens Healthineers to offer its customers a first-of-its-kind multi-tiered neurological application on syngo.via OpenApps. Cercare Medical Neurosuite joins other innovative applications on a proven and respected platform syngo.via that is an intelligent and integrated imaging software for multi-modality reading and reporting.

“We are thrilled to include Cercare Medical Neurosuite on our syngo.via platform,” says Daniel Felke, Global Marketing Manager at Siemens Healthineers. “Radiologists find themselves busier than ever while trying to provide additional value to referring physicians and patients. By accessing a number of top-notch radiology and workflow applications through the syngo.via platform, radiologists can provide a higher level of care without additional major installations. Cercare Medical Neurosuite is exactly the type of program that offers clinicians greater levels of visibility, consistent analysis, and decision support than they could get previously or do on their own. They will save time with the program automatically outlining tissue infarcts on MRI studies, and calculating the lesion volume. The program can also help radiologists triage stroke cases, so referring physicians can provide faster and more accurate treatment. Cercare Medical Neurosuite helps radiologists make faster and more confident decisions.”

The Cercare Medical Neurosuite in syngo.via OpenApps consists of three modules, including two stroke management solutions that allow clinicians to analyze capillary function, estimate the statistically most likely stroke progression, and provide individualized and comprehensive imaging of stroke and other diseases involving vascular pathology.
It allows radiologists to get a more exhaustive characterization of capillary perfusion through maps of oxygen availability and extraction, which is a novelty in MRI scans. Physicians can import imaging studies with a single click, performing MRI post-processing functions automatically and consistently instead of in a time-intensive manual way.

Cercare Medical Neurosuite utilizes artificial intelligence and the algorithm has been trained on a high number of prior cases and their outcome, thus resulting in AI-based technology that performs on a level comparable to expert reading. It can contribute to more standardized decision making and a safer, less subjective assessment in triaging.

“When deciding on the best way to enable radiologists to harness the value of 20 years of research in perfusion imaging and AI, we chose syngo.via OpenApps,” says Kim Mouridsen, Managing Director at Cercare Medical. “We were impressed with the platform that allows clinicians to easily and cost-effectively test out and ultimately download a number of useful radiology applications and workflow tools from a trusted platform, with one-click installation. Customers appreciate their security and interoperability, along with a full range of functionality. Siemens Healthineers makes it simple for radiologists to add new applications, including Cercare Medical Neurosuite, through their growing portfolio, with no additional infrastructure or time investment. Using a platform like syngo.via OpenApps means they only go through the addition once, and then each new software program can be added in minutes. We look forward to working with Siemens Healthineers to bring our software to the clinics where it belongs.”

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