Cercare Medical Partners with Karolinska University Hospital for Clinical Perfusion Imaging

Cercare Medical and Karolinska University Hospital sign a contract to use an innovative perfusion imaging solution, Cercare Perfusion, for brain CT and MRI assessment for clinical and research purposes.

Aarhus, Denmark (January 25, 2021) – We are very excited to announce that we contracted with Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden, for Karolinska to begin using our Cercare Perfusion. Karolinska University Hospital is well known globally for its routine use of innovative medical imaging in daily clinical practice, incorporating the most advanced imaging techniques. The hospital will now use Cercare Perfusion to assess all brain perfusion scans ranging from traditional applications to cutting-edge research.

The neuroradiology department at Karolinska University Hospital was looking for a perfusion imaging solution that could support their fast-paced clinical workflow.

"We are impressed with Cercare Medical’s perfusion software, due to its ease of use, reliability, and speed, thanks to its fully automated postprocessing," said Associate professor Tobias Granberg, MD, PhD, Section Head at the Department of Neuroradiology at Karolinska University Hospital and Research Group Leader at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience at Karolinska Institutet. "Combining these advantages with more advanced perfusion parameters such as oxygen extraction fraction and capillary heterogeneity, Cercare Perfusion allows us to make better use of diagnostic data and perform more in-depth tissue analyses."

Karolinska's use of Cercare Perfusion includes assessment of a range of brain pathologies including oncology and neurodegenerative disorders, along with analysis of long COVID-19 symptoms, using unique perfusion biomarkers provided within the software. Karolinska’s recent research with Cercare Perfusion as a key tool, led by Tobias Granberg, shows changes in brain tissue vasculature in patients with long COVID-19. Continued research will investigate ways to better diagnose patients with such symptoms, with the hopes of finding treatments and ways to prevent long COVID-19.

Cercare Perfusion is the top-of-the-line, fully automated perfusion imaging solution that helps radiology departments to boost workflow speed and decision confidence. “We are proud that Karolinska University Hospital chose Cercare Perfusion for its research and clinical assessments. Karolinska University Hospital is widely known for its work with perfusion imaging and for incorporating advanced imaging into traditional medical practice," said Mikkel Bo Hansen, founder and CSO at Cercare Medical. "We are happy that Cercare Perfusion will be used in both clinical workflow and research at Karolinska, setting a new standard for perfusion imaging around the world," added Kim Beuschau Mouridsen, founder and CEO at Cercare Medical.

About Karolinska University Hospital

Karolinska University Hospital is one of the world’s leading medical universities, and one of Europe's largest university hospitals. Based in the Stockholm area, patients from around Sweden and the world come for treatment, with more than 1.35 million patient visits per year. KUH and its affiliated Karolinska Institutet (KI) employ more than 3,000 researchers and the hospital has 1,340 beds. KI conducts more academic medical research than any other Swedish organization.

About Karolinska Institutet

Karolinska Institutet is one of the World's leading medical universities and host to the Nobel Assembly. Karolinska Institutet conducts more than 40% of all academic medical and life science research in Sweden and holds the largest range of medical education in Sweden, including over 2000 PhD students.

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