Cercare Medical transforms the future of healthcare with Medtronic

Cercare Medical was among 20 highly innovative companies that were selected to take part in a business acceleration event hosted by Medtronic.

Tolochenaz, Switzerland (November 28th – 29th, 2018) – the European Innovation Council (EIC) and Medtronic, a leader in the world of medical technology, gathered 20 companies to discuss the transformation of healthcare and promote business partnerships. Cercare Medical was among the invited to share its solutions for stroke patient management.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have been playing an increasingly crucial role in the development of new products in the medical device industry. Quick adaptability, the capacity to identify market niches and intrinsic innovative potential, have turned these companies into relevant players in the healthcare industry worldwide.

However, at the stage when SMEs are growing, they need considerable financial resources to continue investments in product development and clinical trials, to bring their products to market faster. To tackle these challenges the EIC pilot and Medtronic promoted a matchmaking and business acceleration event in Tolochenaz, Switzerland, home of Medtronic’s EMEA headquarters.

At the event, Ger Hill, Senior Director Global Innovation at Medtronic, talked about Medtronic’s innovation strategy:

“For a company like Medtronic who has currently reached around 30B$ in revenue, maintaining revenue growth requires us to draw on innovation not only from our substantial organic internal innovation, but also from external partners. There are a lot of smart people who don’t work at Medtronic, and we want to collaborate with them to turn their ideas and concepts into products and solutions for patients and Medtronic.”

Cercare Medical was one of the 20 companies backed by the EIC pilot that took the stage and shared their innovative health care solutions for medical devices and therapies, mobile and remote health, patient engagement, diagnostics, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, data analytics and robotics.

“Taking part in such events as this one is a great chance for smaller innovative companies to spread the word about their achievements and find new partners who could help them boost their development and reach.”

Kim Mouridsen gave a presentation on how healthcare professionals can significantly improve stroke patient management with AI-based decision support tools. Based on the unique research in capillary function and driven by algorithms trained on numerous patient case studies, Cercare Medical software for stroke CT and MRI aims to help radiologists improve patient outcomes by reducing manual tasks and calculations. Kim Mouridsen continued,

“We are very happy to have been among the invited companies and we look forward to forming new partnerships.”

This Corporate Day was promoted by the EIC pilot Business Acceleration Services.

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