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A new kind of Perfusion Imaging Software

Advanced Perfusion Made Simple

Cercare Perfusion is a fully-automated, patient-specific perfusion software for brain CT and MRI providing deep, fast, and reliable insights.

We challenge current standards, so you can make confident assessments. Every time.

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Regulatory Status


*Cercare Perfusion software package consists of Cercare Medical Neurosuite and one module – Capillary Function. Both are CE-marked according to the European Medical Device Regulation 2017/745, and developed/manufactured by: Cercare Medical A/S registered at Inge Lehmanns Gade 10, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark.

FDA-cleared (MRI, DSC)**

**Cercare Perfusion (MRI, DSC) is FDA cleared for use with MRI images. Cercare Perfusion (MRI) consists of Cercare Medical Neurosuite and one module - Capillary Function. Caution: US Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

Gain perfusion insights without any extra effort on your side

Efficient workflow. Efficient care.

Built to save time

Time and efficiency matter – to you and to patients. Cercare Perfusion is built to let you practice accurately and fast. Automatic postprocessing allows you to be confident in the maps you assess while acting with speed. It’s efficient care – without compromises.

Easy to use. Easy to integrate

Built to make your life easier

Cercare Perfusion software package for CT and MRI is compatible with most major scanner and PACS providers. With its standard imaging outputs and zero-click postprocessing, Cercare Perfusion is easy to integrate and easy to use for everyone, providing what you need, when you need it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Deeper Insights. Consistent results

Built for confident assessments

Cercare Perfusion provides high-quality parametric maps reflecting brain tissue microvascular integrity and function. No matter the circumstances we give you deeper and consistent insights needed to make confident assessments of brain CT and MRI.

“We are impressed with Cercare Medical’s perfusion software, due to its ease of use, reliability, and speed, thanks to its fully automated postprocessing”

Tobias Granberg, Karolinska University Hospital, Karolinska Insitutet

Associate professor, MD, PhD, Section Head at the Department of Neuroradiology at Karolinska University Hospital and Research Group Leader at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience at Karolinska Institutet

Integration that fits your needs

Multi-vendor compatibility means that Cercare Perfusion can be integrated into your clinical workflow through your PACS or your viewer. Decision-making is complex. We’ve made integration simple.

Unique insights into brain tissue oxygenation

Our technology accounts for capillary flow generating reliable parametric maps that do not only reflect the cerebral blood flow and the cerebral blood volume but provide additional information on brain tissue oxygenation with unique perfusion maps that have already proved to provide invaluable insights for the assessment of neurological disorders.

White Paper

NB! Details may apply to your specific region. Contact us for more information on availability and features in your country.

Cercare Perfusion: A Novel Approach to Perfusion Imaging Technology for Oncology Assessment

Learn more about our novel approach to advanced perfusion imaging for brain CT and MRI that not only generates parametric maps in a fully automated model but provides deeper insights for tumor prognosis and assessment.


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Cercare Perfusion Solution Sheet