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Meet us @ECR 2023!

Our Strategic Alliances Director Maarten van der Zee joins our CCO Henrik Andersen to visit ECR next edition where we are glad to be represented by our partners and distributors!

If you planned to be there, don't hesitate to plan a meeting with us!

With 25 years of research, publications & (r)evolutions of Perfusion Imaging are what makes Cercare special. Why should every patient not benefit from the power of science and advanced technology?

The legacy of Cercare is that we strive to make our knowledge benefits the patients. We strive to share and learn every day, and this is also why, we are going to ECR 2023.

When: 1 March to 5 March 2023

Where: Vienna, Austria

The ECR is one of the largest medical meetings in Europe and the second-largest radiological meeting in the world. This year's theme of ECR is “The Cycle of Life”.

The ECR is an international meeting and one of the leading events in radiology. Being a part of ECR is to learn and share all the mechanism that goes into perfusion imaging. Sharing our knowledge is something we strive to do and wants to be a part of our legacy.

This congress will have an exceptional collection of sessions, workshops, etc., with radiographers that have key insights within the fields of the profession, especially in medical imaging. Being a part of ECR with professionals from all areas of medical imaging in Europe, is where we can share the important of perfusion imaging.