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Meet us @Munchen Radiologie Symposium

"🌟 Cercare Medical Hits the Spotlight at Münchner Radiologie Symposium with Jens Schmalfuss Leading the Charge! 🌟"

Event Highlights:
✨ Booth B07

🌐 Breaking News from Cercare Medical! 🌐

🎉 We're thrilled to announce that Jens Schmalfuss, our dynamic DACH Sales Director, will be attending the esteemed Münchner Radiologie Symposium. This prestigious event is a melting pot of innovation and expertise in the field of radiology, making it the perfect stage for us to showcase our advancements.

🚀 At Cercare Medical, we've been pioneering in the realm of medical imaging, especially in perfusion imaging technologies that have revolutionized stroke management and onc

ology diagnosis. Our participation in this symposium is a testament to our unwavering dedication to enhancing patient outcomes through cutting-edge technology.

🧠 Jens will represent Cercare Medical, bringing our vision and groundbreaking work to the forefront. We're excited to engage with other industry leaders, exchange ideas, and explore new horizons in radiology.

👀 Stay tuned as Jens shares insights and updates from the symposium. We're geared up to dive into discussions on the latest trends, research, and technological breakthroughs in medical imaging.

🔗 Learn more about the event: Münchner Radiologie Symposium

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