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Cercare Medical Partners with Arterys to Provide Its Innovative Perfusion Imaging Solution on Arterys’ Cloud-Based Platform

Cercare Perfusion will be available on the Arterys medical imaging platform, offering clinicians access to fast and accurate decision support and workflow management tools in the Arterys NeuroAI suite.

Aarhus, Denmark (29 November 2021) – Today Cercare Medical announces that it is partnering with Arterys to offer its perfusion imaging clinical application as part of Arterys cloud-based platform. Arterys is the leading global imaging platform that delivers world-class clinical AI products over the internet. Cercare Perfusion is an imaging solution that provides radiologists with fast and reliable perfusion maps for brain pathology assessment. The Cercare Medical application complements the platform’s other neuroradiology offerings.

"As Arterys continues to develop and expand the solutions offered on its Neuro AI platform, we are thrilled to bring Cercare’s AI Perfusion tools to our current and new healthcare systems," said Maya Khalifé, Director of Product Management, Arterys. "The technology and quality that Cercare solutions provide through Arterys Neuro platform will add valuable automation to the clinicians’ workflow, and impact to the patients' lives."

Cercare's technology will supplement Arterys' current offerings, allowing users to assess brain tissue viability with accuracy and speed. "We are proud to work with Arterys and offer our technology on its platform," said Mikkel Bo Hansen, founder and CSO at Cercare Medical. "Everyone benefits from giving healthcare providers access to tools that make assessment easier and more accurate, and the providers can choose the modules most useful to them.”

Press release, November 29, 2021

Perfusion Made Simple

Learn how Cercare Perfusion can help you boost your assessment speed and decision confidence

About Cercare Medical

Founded in 2013, Cercare Medical provides healthcare professionals with reliable yet simple to use neuroimaging solutions. Through a strong focus on bringing clinical research to life with breakthrough technology, Cercare Medical solutions enable healthcare professionals to act with confidence and speed, no matter the circumstances.

About Arterys

Arterys is the market leader and the world's first internet platform for medical imaging. Its objective is to transform healthcare by transforming radiology. The Arterys platform is 100% web-based, AI-powered, and FDA-cleared, unlocking simple clinical solutions. For more information on Arterys, please visit