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Philips Healthworks Breakthrough Day - Video

Eindhoven, Netherlands (December 12th, 2018) – Cercare Medical together with 18 other companies has been selected out of 750 founders and co-founders to take part in a global startup program organized by Philips HealthWorks. The aim of the program was to help exceptional startups working with artificial intelligence make an impact on global healthcare.

The culmination of the 12-week program was a Breakthrough Day that took place in Eindhoven. 19 companies got the opportunity to pitch their research and groundbreaking solutions for a wider audience. Cercare Medical was represented by one of our co-founders Kim Mouridsen. He has talked about how AI can significantly improve stroke patient management when every minute counts.

You can see our full presentation here.

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Learn more about the role capillary function and integrity play in a range of neurological disorders and how our unique biomarkers can help you get deeper insights into brain tissue oxygenation.