Perfusion Summit 2024: Focus on Stroke and Oncology
Exclusive Event by Cercare Medical

Cercare Medical proudly presents the Perfusion Summit 2024, a premier gathering for leaders and innovators in the field of perfusion. This summit offers a unique opportunity to explore the latest advancements in perfusion technology, engage with top experts, and connect with peers. Featuring insightful presentations, interactive discussions, and unparalleled networking opportunities, this event is a must-attend for anyone involved in perfusion research and practice.

Date: June 14, 2024

Location: Bella Sky Hotel,

Registration Details:
While registration for the Perfusion Summit 2024 is now officially closed, we still welcome those interested in participating. Please contact your local Cercare Medical sales representative for potential opportunities to join this exclusive event.

Key Themes

  • Stroke: Delve into the latest research on CT and MRI stroke imaging, uncovering the "true penumbra tissue," and examining perfusion protocols that revolutionize early detection.

  • Oncology: Discover innovations in perfusion imaging for oncology, including pseudo-progression detection and personalized management of radiotherapy treatments.

Event Highlights

  • Introduction and Technology Behind Perfusion Maps
    Prof. Leif Østergaard - Aarhus University Hospital

  • Advancements in Stroke MRI: Unveiling the Role of Perfusion in 2024
    Prof. Yves Berthezène - Hôpital P. Wertheimer, Hospices Civils de Lyon

  • Comparison of Accuracy of CT Packages in Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients
    Assoc. Prof. Maximillian Thormann - Magdeburg University Hospital

  • No-Reflow Phenomenon After Acute Ischemic Stroke
    Prof. Ettore Nicolini - Sapienza University Hospital

  • Brain Capillary Perfusion (CPWI): Preliminary Hemodynamic Data in Routine Stroke Unit Use
    Prof. Ugo Angeloni - Sapienza University Hospital

  • CT Perfusion After Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
    PhD candidate Lea Falter - Leipzig University Hospital

  • Cerebral Hemodynamics in Moya Moya
    PhD Markus Fahlström - Uppsala University Hospital

  • Perfusion Imaging, AI, and Oncology: Towards Personalized Management of Radiotherapy Treatments
    Assoc. Prof. Charlotte Robert - Institut Gustave Roussy

  • Enhancing Neuro-Oncology Outcomes: Synergizing AI, Perfusion Imaging, and PET MRI
    Prof. Nadya Pyatigorskaya - Hôpital de la Pitié Salpêtrière, AP-HP

  • Tumor Segmentation: Longitudinal Assessment of Structural and Functional Features of Brain Tumors
    MD, PhD Bianka Forgó - Karolinska University Hospital

  • Closing Discussion
    Prof. Leif Østergaard - Aarhus University Hospital

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